Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Another one bites the dust!  A thief (allegedly) stole some poor guys MacBook!  What the thief didn’t know is this guy installed a security software for Mac’s that allows him to see what someone is doing on his computer and take pictures via the webcam!  You can see/read the hilarity here.
I love that they apprehended the culprit and the feel good story of getting ones device back.  It is better then beating an innocent man up or the thief getting away.  What is interesting to note in every case such as this is that the police initially don’t seem to care.  I know they have other more serious crimes to solve but it seems like that doesn’t bother them when handing out a speeding, jaywalking, or loitering ticket. Having a picture and the company of where the suspect works isn’t good enough for them.  In fact they have to wait until something goes viral and millions of people get involved before they go out and arrest the thief.  Now I am sure this thief is not a criminal mastermind and in fact looks like a hard working cabbie (oxymoron?) but if that was your MacBook or property I am sure you would want it back.  The thief will most likely lose his job and be faced with a criminal record and I know there will be some bleeding hearts out there for him.  Truth is he stole the MacBook from the guy’s apartment and deserves everything he gets!
My only concern is that with so much publicity that the average thief will begin reformatting or restricting access to internet connections and removing the software.  But to those below average ones we have great stories like this to share with the rest of our friends and families and have a good laugh.  Because in the end, that’s what this was all about!  (and getting a MacBook back…)

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