Friday, 21 October 2011

Overclocking your TouchPad (Plus Patches)

Before Overclocking, go to on your TouchPad to see your current Benchmark score and then test it again after following this guide. Depending on your Wi-Fi connection and where you have your TouchPad in relation to distance from your router when you run the Benchmark test will make a difference in your score.  However, the before using this guide and after you should see a significant result.  Post the result before and after in the comments!

For those of you who read my TouchPad review, found here, you will see the video I made highlighting the difference in browser speeds between the TouchPad and the iPad 2.  There simply is no comparison as the iPad 2 is faster in almost every regard.  However, at the time I made the video, I had not yet immersed myself in all things TouchPad and got to know the world of 'rooting' and patches afterwards.  Essentially it is like Jailbreaking, but only not, I could explain this, but in the end the goal remains just the same, to get the TouchPad up to speed.  So, a great resource to get started is installing TouchPlayer for the TouchPad, my guide is found here, by doing that, you will have everything required to install the patches to increase the speed of your TouchPad significantly, keep in mind, this is not overclocking, (that's the second part below) these patches are designed to increase the speed and improve the 'touch' and 'feel' of the TouchPad.  I would recommend going through all the links and sources before getting into it, not because it is difficult to do, but rather, so you have a understanding of what each one does and the risk involved as somethings (such as overclocking) will void your warranty, so as always, proceed at your own risk.  However, if you are willing to accept that risk, begin by installing TouchPlayer, using my guide linked above, once completed, we'll go into the next step.

Now that you have WebOS Quick Install open, ensure that you have a program called, 'Preware' installed, if you have done this successfully, go to the up arrow on your TouchPad and go to the downloads section and click on Preware then 'Availible Packages' then 'Patch' and then 'All.'   Now the recommended patches that the 'Patch' community recommends are as follows,

* Make It So (of course, you need this patch)
* Muffle System Logging
* Remove Dropped Packet Logging
* Unset CFQ IO Scheduler
* Unthrottle Download Manager
* Quiet powerd Messages
* Faster Card Animations HYPER Version
* Increase Touch Sensitivity And Smoothness 10 (this is the 10px version)

I only installed these ones and yes, after each one I did the requested Luna restart.  (It will prompt you after you have installed each one)  I've noticed a great increase in speed when loading the browser 'card' and the 'jitteryness' that comes when scrolling up and down has almost disappeared. So I am very happy with all these patches and recommend them.

Source here and here

Now to get into 'overclocking' everything is pretty much a few more touches away.  Go back into 'Preware' then 'Available Packages' and then 'Kernel' from there, click and install 'UberKernel (TouchPad)' and reboot.  Next download 'Govnah' by going into 'Preware' and clicking on the 'List of Everything' its just a few scrolls down.  After everything is installed, open 'Govnah' and select the 'OnDemandTcl 1512' profile.  Congratulations, you have now 'overclocked' your Touchpad to 1.5Ghz.

End Result from Just Overclocking

Source hereherehere, and of course here!

It really is that simple once you have WebOS Quick Install and Preware installed.

And yes, that was my pathetic attempt at merging two graphics together using paint for the featured image.  It's okay, have a good laugh at my expense.

Apple vs Samsung, Samsung vs Apple.

Its spy vs spy all over again.  Apple sues Samsung, Samsung sues Apple.  Where will it stop?  To make matters worse, Samsung actually supplied Apple with components for the iPad and the iPhone.

Now that I think about it, Samsung is exactly where Apple was in 2004.  Not in terms of product or pricing, but rather in brand recognition.  Everyone holds Apple to the Gold standard and it takes time to get there.  Most companies start off with a lump of coal and after a lot of hard work and criticism maybe get to the bronze level. (if you follow my analogy) By then, the next generation of gadgets are out and those companies are left with an inferior product with little or no user base.  Apple starts at the bronze level and with some work has a product that a few weeks after launch (give or take) is the envy of all and then just takes that knowledge to the next product. (or generation)  What I did not recognize is that Samsung is doing the same, the Samsung Galaxy 2 was a great improvement over the 1 and I am looking forward to the improvements the Nexus HD will have coming this October/November.  Samsung is starting at the bronze level with each new product, which puts them ahead of everyone except Apple at this point. (See HP's TouchPad to understand where I am coming from)

I will admit that I haven't had an opportunity to try out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I feel that it is a critical omission from my arsenal of tablet reviews.  I can say as an iPhone user that when I went over to the Nexus S, I was pleasantly surprised at how far along Android has come on Samsung's platforms and found the switch easier then I thought it would be.  Being able to use flash even with a battery that drains 30% faster is fine by me, especially since there are a few things (not porn, okay maybe just a little) that can't be done without flash.  Having flash support is nice and the fact that Samsung is supporting everything (file formats, drag and drop) may just be what will take Samsung to the next level!  Could you imagine if they started to tie in all their products (T.V, Phone, Tablet) via a Samsung T.V (like the Apple T.V) or integrated with their own next generation Smart T.V's?!?

Before I get too far off topic, my whole point is that with both Apple and Samsung suing each other over patents and whatever else, it will only be consumers who lose, and to be fair, it looks like Apple is worried, we all know Apple has a '6th sense'  when it comes to identifying new trends or technology, could they have possibly realized that Samsung is their one and true competitor?  Normally I wouldn't put too much faith or stock in conspiracy theories, especially my own, but this is one time I think I may be on to something.  The great thing is, time will tell.

TouchPad Knowledge!

PreCentral is a great place to get some knowledge on your TouchPad, however, for the non super technically savvy, it can be a bit of a challenge to understand what's what.  (So that's why I have this blog, Yes I know, shameless plug)  I was searching for a great resource in order to assist people with HP Touchpad's on what is out there, but also, just because it is out there, doesn't mean go out and get it as there are implications that you must be aware of.  (Losing kernals, disabling of certain features, not being able to overclock)  So, without creating a new blog for every minor thing that comes out, but being able to link to a resource that gives full disclosure is an important thing to have and I can't believe while searching for this I kept missing a place I was visiting on a regular basis.  Reddit!

Now for those of you who don't know Reddit, I warn you, this place can be very addicting, so I take no responsibility if you become addicted to other things while learning about your Touchpad.  So without further delay, I give you the link!

iPhone 4s Lineup MADNESS!!!!! Live blog from Mississauga Square One. Now completed!

Even though I'm not completely sold on the iPhone 4s, and if there was only one thing I was allowed to love about Apple, it would be Launch day lineups!  I've been lucky enough to be at the very top of a few lineups (for the iPad and other things silly) and I love the comments and reactions that I get.  (WHAT YOU'VE BEEN HERE FOR 48 HOURS?!?)

So much so, that I have decided to line up for the iPhone 4s and bring the experience to those who aren't lucky enough to go out and line up for themselves.  Along with having a child, buying your first home, car, and getting married, standing in line and forking over your hard earned money for the newest Apple device are all experiences you should have in your life time! (really, no sarcasm here and I don't judge, you can do it in whatever order you like!)

So follow my blog here starting tomorrow at 3pm EST and I will have pictures and video's up all the way to 8am on Friday!

For those of you who will be out there, here are some tips;

1. Find a great location such as a mall with other people who will be lining up and to watch your back, the earlier you line up the better your chances of scoring the prize!

2. Don't carry your cash overnight, if you are using your credit card, you are fine, but if you are using cash, wait until the mall or store opens when security, people, and media are abundant, because at night many things can happen.

3. If you have to wait over night dress accordingly based on the weather reports in your area and if you don't have a car, bring extra warmth if you will be spending the night, even 10 degrees with a little rain will have you feeling unwell in no time.  Also, malls close between 2am and 6am (most) so expect to spend at least that much time outside!

4. Food and drinks are your choice, but I always leave a cooler in my car and of course someone will always do a coffee run!

5. Lawn Chairs, I don't need to say more.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

If you get a chance, throw some of your tips in the comments and lets help each other out!
Its Thursday!

10am: Getting ready for a fun and exciting day!  Contacted all my friends who are going with me and we are excited!  Just going to have a nice breakfast and then get all my supplies together!  Should be in line about

1:30pm today!  Wish me luck!

11am: Just showered and shaved, it's going to be a long day (and night) might as well be as clean as I can before I go!  I'll have my first pictures up by 2pm too I think!  So far so good, all my friends are on board and we have gathered all our supplies! (drinks, chips, etc)  Almost ready to go, will call the apple store once before leaving, so I don't be the first kid in line! LOL!

Format Change!

20 Hours till Launch: I'm about to leave for the store, I don't know if anyone is line yet, but the the queue to call the Apple store is currently at 8!

15 Hours till launch: still no one here with me. Thinking of buying a volleyball, naming it Wilson and telling it all my stories...

Side: Its kind of ominous to start off, but with the tribute to Steve Jobs and no one here, it is kind of somber, I know the mood will change, but it gives me a chance to reflect on those I love and lost, not the best thought to be thinking, but it does strike you when you see how they have arranged it.

13 hours to go! There are about 14 of us here. We are all excited and looking forward to a wet night

12 hours to go: Our line up is growing exponentially! We are up to about 30 people and just heard that Eaton center is up to about 50. Head of the Apple store and Mall security came out and shook my hand to congratulate me, never felt so special! Originally I was planning to post pictures and videos as I blogged but I don't think that will be feasible right now due to bandwidth and battery concerns. (long way to go still) It's totally awesome how many Apple employees are coming out after their shifts and hanging out with us. Looking for some dinner right now before the mall closes. Will check back in about an hour.

10 hours to go: We're up to about 90 and it's gotten kind of chilly, but there is a warm feeling inside (just kidding)I am not that sappy) everyone is laughing and sharing stories, there is the hater here and there, driving by in his rice mobile shouting profanities, but whatever, water off our backs. Funniest things so far,

Random guy walking by: Blackberry!
Me: When it works maybe!
50 people: lol @ him
Random guy walking by: puts head down and leaves...

Totally awesome!

Side: Just some random pics from the time frame

Side: A guy from came by and hooked us up with some pizza and coffee, some great viral marketing at work there, I didn't get a good picture of him, but I did get a picture of the bounty! Thanks for the snack! Many people enjoyed it!

6 hours to go: Just spent 1 hour reorganizing the line. Still raining on us intermittently and people crowding under the shelter. The 3 rain drops terrified this crowd! Everyone ran for cover and the line is all a mess!

3 hours to go: Realized that the crowd is increasing exponentially and we won't be able to keep up the list, made a judgement call and told everyone to get back in their spots in line, and the list would be stopped all newcomers to the back of the line.

2 hours to go: OH NO! People don't know how to count, things are about to get horrible! Because we all gathered under the shelter for rain, people are claiming they were there at random times!  Fortunately, we have a list and I actually walk and count 250 people into their line spots. Took me an hour and the Apple employees are impressed by my skills! My faith in humanity is restored, some people ceded their spots to others who were complaining, it meant a difference of 1 spot or two spots but they understood the bind that I was in, and did this on their own.  To those unspoken hero's, THANK YOU!

30 mins to go. Its been a great night. Being at the front of the line has presented challenges I never knew I was responsible for. I will elaborate more when I get home with my bounty. Just really excited that in under an hour I will have my hands on one.
Side: The Apple Team gets their first look at the iPhone 4s

SCORE! I have my iPhone 4GS! First in and first out, what an amazing day and fantastic experience. Apple and Square One Mississauga are always a class act!

As always, there are those who wonder why so many line up with the ability to order online or waiting just a few days and being able to walk in and just picking it up.  My answer is, I don't always line up, but when I do, I have a great time.  The people I meet, the friendships I forge, and the fact that I have the time to do so are all part of the reason why.  When someone asks, where are all the good people in the world, all you have to do is come visit an Apple Line up and realize that they still do exist. Of course there are always exceptions, but on this night there weren't any, and for that alone, it was worth going down and spending 20 hours in line.  Oh, and for the phone too of course!  For those in line with me, thanks for the great experience and I hope you all the best and hopefully we'll run into each other again, even if its in the iPhone 5 or iPad 3 line up!

Apple to Use Reservation System

I decided to take a stroll over to my nearest Apple store only to find everyone vacating the premises, short of a fire I knew that this could only mean, RESERVATION SYSTEM!

Basically you have to go log on to the Apple Website by 9pm (will confirm) reserve your color and size, the location you wish to pick up at and then stroll in the next day and pick up your phone.  Without the reservation you will not be able to get one for that day.

Here you go for the Canadian Reservation system.

As of right now, all Apple Stores are still sold out of iPhone 4s's.  If you want a locked one to your carrier, just visit your local store, they still may have a few of those.  (Just ask for Kryptonite, because for whatever reason, locked phones are being treated as such)

Updated October 17th 11:29pm: As quickly as the reservation system went up, it went down twice as fast.  Its being reported that a very small stock trickled in and it was gone in seconds.  Take that for what its worth, but for a Day 1 restock, it left much to be desired...

Apple T.V 2 Upgraded to version 4.4

I know everyone who runs the Jail Break on Apple T.V 2 is wondering how to get the wonderful features that are included in version 4.4 and have it Jail broken.  Right now, as of this writing,you can't have your cake and eat it too!  So if you want to use 4.4 you will lose all the current goodies that you have installed.   Never fear, the team that works on Jail breaking the Apple T.V 2 are hard at work and it will be out sooner then later I am sure!
So the question is, what is more important?  A Jail broken ATV2 or the new features in the firmware update?  I know I won't ever update until the new Jail break is out!
Here's a great place to keep up to date on what's going on!  I'll have a guide up once everything is up and running!