Thursday, 28 April 2011

fring introduces Group Video Chat!

Now here is something that finally puts your Apple, Android, or Nokia device ahead of your P.C, Group Video chat!  That’s right fring has released video chat with up to three other people and it works across multiple platforms. (Someone with an iPhone 4 can call someone with a  Nexus S for example)  Last I checked the program was still free, so go out and find three friends and have a conversation.  I can see the potential for business use  but why not plan your next outing with friends through fring!   I haven’t had a chance to use it, but will report back when I do.
Find more information about it on their website,

Monday, 25 April 2011

iPhone Location data. Really not a big deal?!

Recently, there was some big hoopla about Apple collecting information on the places you visit by storing the locations that you visited on a file on your iPhone or iPad.  (the file name is consolidated.db)  I don’t like being tracked, but I don’t like the fact that people are being oversold on the importance of privacy in this instance.  Are we all just drones following whatever we are told to do, or even told to be aware of?  I do care as we all should that our privacy should remain private, and there are correct ways to do things, if Apple wanted geodata in order to help to improve location services then I don’t see the problem, all they had to do was ask.  Granted they made a mistake in forcefully taking this information from us, but certain media outlets on the internet went ballistic in making assumptions and putting up ‘what if’ scenarios. One of them I read brought up the hypothetical situation, what if someone suspected of a crime had his/her iPhone subpoenaed and the police were to verify or contradict the location of said person.  I would respond that ‘what if’ I stole your phone took it to a crime I committed and blamed you, and brought back your phone without you knowing. I would hope that the police would use more then one piece of circumstantial evidence to take away someone’s freedom, the ‘what if’s’ never stop when you open up that can of worms.  And criminals should get what is coming to them!

My question is, is it really that big of a deal for Apple to have our locations mapped?  What are they going to do, tell my wife I went to Burger King when I said I was at the gym!  Actually, now that I think of it, someone quickly fix this now!!! Okay, I’m just kidding, but I’m sure due to the big fuss we’ll see Apple asking for permission to obtain and collect this data in the future, but in my opinion it wasn’t really that big of a deal.  They were collecting data they didn’t have permission for, it will be fixed, lets move along.   In today’s society we are all trying to play the blame game and make a big corporation look bad.  And they did look bad, what I didn’t like was all the media outlets and some bloggers telling us we were in imminent danger because of this.  We all want to pretend that we are secret agents and people actually care what we are doing.  I’m sorry to tell you it’s just not the case, and nothing will come of it.  But I will turn off my phone the next time I go to Burger King instead of the gym, just in case…


A photo and story regarding a white iPhone 4 has been posted hereWhat I found interesting is not the fact there is a white iPhone 4 out there, but the pictures show a T-Mobile white iPhone 4.
What this means is those of us Canadians on Wind’s or Mobilicity’s 1700 MHz networks are in for a treat if this is true.    I picked up a Nexus S for this purpose and although it has its own merits, the prospect of getting an iPhone 4 and perhaps an iPhone 5 will have many customers flocking from Rogers/Telus/Bell over to Wind/Mobilicity.  Good news for some, not so much for others.  Of course this just could be an elaborate hoax, but it does bring out some hope for people like me that are waiting for the iPhone 4/5 on an affordable network.  The dream just got a bit closer!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I know there are many more tablets in the market then just the Motorola Xoom, Apple iPad 2, and the BlackBerry Playbook, but honestly, those other tablets are looking to find their niche as lower priced inferior segments that would be happy with 2% of the tablet industry.  Realistically, only the offerings presented by Motorola and RIM stand to gain any ground against the 85% market dominance held by the iPad in 2010.  I’m going to assume that the 16GB Wi-Fi models will be the ones each company sells the most, (32GB for the Xoom of course) I could be wrong, but for the basis of this review, I figure I’ll go with the one that’s most likely to end up in your hands.  It does the same things but pretend your WiFi network extends everywhere.

The iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, and BlackBerry PlayBook really need no introductions, and I won’t bore you with their specifications.  You could have gone to their respective manufacturer’s websites to know what the specs are if that’s all you cared about.  I’ll put a chart at the end so you can compare them, but it won’t tell you what you really want to know.  What I care about and what you should care about is how all those components are put together, how they work and how they will work for you.
Starting off in no particular order, the Xoom!

What really strikes you when you open the box and turn on the Xoom is the size.  The first thing I did is went straight to YouTube and opened up a HD video so I could see it in action.  I did enjoy the video quality but the sound was really amazing.  I think that has to do with its two speakers and its stereo sound.   I went through the gauntlet of all my frequently visited websites and after a quick Flash 10.2 update it felt as though I was browsing with a normal PC.  I admit that I have had experience with Android 2.3 Gingerbread with the Nexus S so the Honeycomb 3.0 familiarity was quite high.  I really like the interface and its ease of use for Android users and am quite certain that almost anyone, even those who have never held anything but an iOS device will be able to pick up and use this Android tablet quickly.
Playing a game like Angry Birds on the Xoom, I did notice some slight colorization or pixilation that I have never noticed on my iPad 2.  It could be just isolated to this one App, but I will keep tabs on that as I continue to use it.   Overall, what really surprised me about the Xoom is that it’s not as bad as I was led to believe by all the reviews and through reading all the discussions (if you can call it that) out there on the internet.  I will admit it doesn’t feel as good as the iPad 2 or PlayBook in my hands, and that’s one of those things you will have to find out by yourself.  I also don’t like that fact that the sleep on/off button is on the back, having to pick it up to turn it on to use it.  Not a huge deal, but something I would like for them to fix in future versions.  (If they have any) I know I’ve read that the Xoom’s touch screen isn’t very accurate and being an iPad 2 user I did notice that to some degree, but to be fair, I think that is more perceived then actual fact.  Overall, I was happy with this purchase and look forward to using it on a daily basis.
Next up, the BlackBerry Playbook!
I know I just reviewed it, and you can read that here.  I know a lot of people including myself were bashing many factors of the PlayBook before it came out, but I will say this in its defence, go out and buy one!  Now in my second day, even my brother and my wife who have had a chance to use it agree that the smaller form factor is more comfortable in certain situations.  Sometimes my wife and I cuddle in our bed and watch the latest episode of Outsourced with the Global T.V app.  Could I see myself doing that with the PlayBook?  I don’t think so.  But where I really did like it was while watching the NBA and NHL playoffs on T.V and checking the out of town scores.  Sometimes I hold my tablet in one hand from the bottom corner, after a few moments, the iPad 2 can seem to weigh a lot more then its 1.3 pounds.  With the PlayBook, it feels more natural to have in your hand, trust me it’s a thing that you can’t know unless you have one.  I did take my PlayBook out with me, and unfortunately I don’t drink $7 Chai lattes at my local Starbucks so I didn’t whip it out anywhere (lol).  But I was able to carry it in my jacket pocket quite comfortably and barely noticed it was with me.  The Xoom and the iPad 2 are very popular devices but they are big and require a case or a bag.
The PlayBook also features stereo sound but what you will notice almost instantly is the amazing display.  Having 1024×600 resolution on a 7” display really packs in that pixel density!  I know that RIM is taking a lot of heat for not having many native apps and going through their selection I wasn’t impressed at all and thought most of what they did have was garbage.  I’ve heard they may integrate and have access to the Android marketplace, a very welcome addition and I can’t wait.  It may just come down to software in the tablet wars and RIM is really behind. Ironically however, I am also very happy with this purchase!
And lastly and certainly not least, the iPad 2!
I’ve written much on this tablet and you can read about it here and here.  I know that there are two very strong camps when talking about this device.  It’s very simple in that there are those that absolutely love it and those who absolutely hate it.  You can talk about thousands of apps, how easy iOS is to use, Apple’s Genius bar, or you can talk about lack of Flash support, a 0.3 and 0.7 megapixel front and rear camera.  Apple moves beyond those things, the touch screen feels so intuitive, you feel like you are in the movies (where they have the cool holographic projections that are completely gesture based without having to touch anything).  I really have to say that the iPad 2 is that device that is greater then the sum of its parts.    But I do wish they had thought some things through,  I am positive that in order to maintain their same price points as the iPad 1 (Even lower due to dollar) they put the lower resolution camera and simply talk about its video prowess.   It doesn’t have the micro HDMI built into the system like the PlayBook or the Xoom, but does offer a separate adaptor for those who wish to have that feature and I would be remiss in not mentioning AirPlay support through Apple T.V but these things do add on to the price!
As you can see all three devices have their pros and cons.  What it really comes down to is personal preference.  You have to ask yourself what is important to you in a tablet.  If you are like most people and want to surf the web, check emails, watch a few videos, and maybe play a few games all tablets will do that.  Things such as price, the size of the screen, ease of use, should be things you determine before deciding which tablet to go with.  If you don’t intend on using the camera on the device, having a 10MP camera or 100MP’s won’t matter.  If you don’t plan on doing presentations things such as AirPlay or micro HDMI won’t matter.  Apple came to the market first and coupled with a few other factors has a huge share of the tablet market, even with the introduction of so many tablets since that time, nothing really has made inroads on that market share.  I’m not sure if anything will, but Motorola and Research In Motion have nothing to be ashamed of, they have provided a great tablet experience and their users will be more then happy regardless of how many units they sell.
For comparison purposes here are some rear camera shots for each device.  All pictures were taken one after the other in the same environment.  I was surprised by the results. See for yourself!
iPad 2

And here's that chart I promised!

BlackBerry PlayBook review.

After spending 23 hours in line, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a BlackBerry PlayBook.  Okay, maybe I’m being just a little facetious, especially since I walked into my local Future Shop and walked out with one 10 minutes later.  In fact anyone can, but I thought it was funny.  Let me come right out and say, if you have come in with preconceived notions of this device, stop right there! Free your mind and give this device a chance.  Granted, I’ve only spent about 12 hours with the device, but I will give my unbiased opinion and share my true feelings.  The rest is up to you.
You can go into your local electronics retailers such as Future Shop, Best Buy, Staples, and even Sears to pick up the PlayBook. While I understand the strategy of making the device available at as many retailers as possible, what I don’t understand is the price point.  The 16GB Wi-Fi PlayBook sells for $499.99, while an iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi sells for $519.99.  Even before I share my thoughts, I feel it is necessary to point out that if the base PlayBook had been released at $399.99 it could have created its own segment in the market.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case and something I strongly think that RIM will come to regret when the dust settles.
Opening the box, I was aware that I needed to connect to my PC and am required to create a BlackBerry logon, (I already have one) but I was not expecting that it would require a Wi-Fi connection as well, before anything you have to download a 287 MB update and install it.  It took me almost 10 minutes before I was able to use the device.  It’s not a crime, but not the best start up experience either.
The first thing that hits you when you see the PlayBook in person is the size.  I really wanted to make a remark about size really does matter, because I initially felt that the PlayBook was way too small and was really disappointed with the first impression, but I really wanted to reserve judgement for a few hours, I’m not sure if the iPad 2 has something to do with this, or if in fact the 7″ inch screen doesn’t do it justice , but I can imagine that when viewing documents and even this blog, the smaller form factor really leaves something to be desired.  The other thing that hit me right when I picked it up was confusion, I will admit, that learning the gestures is a very quick and I would recommend taking the time to go through the tutorial for a pleasant operating experience, but for a few moments the device feels very foreign even in the hands of the most technically savvy.  Watching people trying to gesture to the home screen was quite amusing while I was at the store playing with the display model, most including myself did not realize that the bezel is touch sensitive and required in the process. Once I got the hang of it, it felt very natural to go through the gestures to bring up multitasking. I started a song, loaded my webpage and then started playing Need for Speed without any effort at all.

The 5MP rear camera and the 3MP front camera really should be the minimum standard for a tablet device in this day and age.  The two pictures below are some I took with the rear camera in medium lighting.  I was quite impressed by the quality and the ease of use, and holding the PlayBook while taking a picture was very natural and was not awkward at all.

The browser is a full browser, it doesn’t load mobile editions of web pages and runs Flash very smoothly, I was quite impressed with RIM’s browser and how it performs.  I visited all my favourite sites and found the experience to be quite like the one I have on my desktop.  I tip my hat to RIM on that front.  The PlayBook boasts a 1024 x 600 display resolution with a reported density of about 170 pixels per inch and let me tell you it looks absolutely stunning! Looking at pictures, watching a movie clip, and checking out HD YouTube videos really highlighted the awesome display but also quickly made me conscience of the smaller screen and really highlights the need for RIM to come out with a larger tablet.
I was however dismayed at how quickly the battery drained while I was using the unit.  Even though I haven’t charged my unit yet out of the box, I watched it go from 50% to 30% within a few hours.  I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt here, as it hasn’t had the opportunity to be fully charged and I was putting it through its paces.  I’m sure everyday average use will give me a longer lasting battery and I won’t have it attached to the power outlet at all times.
RIM will find a target market for this device even though they missed their goal of being a direct competitor to Apple.  When compared to the first generation of the iPad, I would agree the PlayBook is a step up on that technology.  The Apps will come, a native Email program will come,  I’m not worried about these things at all.  I will point out that a tablet should stand on its own.  I love the micro HDMI port but think the BlackBerry Bridge was silly.  Its like having an iPad and needing the iPhone attached to it at all times, yeah, exactly. At one point I truly believe that the designers of the PlayBook and its shareholders thought it would dominate the market and take the company to new heights, and I promise that this is one of the few devices that gets panned in the eyes of critics but in spite of that will do well in sales.  Just nothing in the neighborhood that either extreme is predicting. The build of the PlayBook is quality and they will find their niche market.
I know technical specs.  I’m sure you know technical specs.  Technical specs of the PlayBook are all over the internet, we’ve seen and heard about them at every turn.  What you may not know is that sometimes, you get something that is greater then the sum of its parts.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. At best what you see is what you get, but really, after spending the better part of a day with this device, two things really stood out during my experience, first, that there seems to be more of a curiosity factor when it comes to the PlayBook and up against all the other tablets in the market it can get easily lost , and second, it feels like the sum is lesser than its parts.  I can’t believe that something that does things on equal footing or greater then the iPad 2 is this way, but in the end its true, no matter what they say, size does matter…

Friday, 15 April 2011

SwitchEasy Canvas for the iPad 2

I feel it is now important to update the status of my marriage with every blog.  Or after every MasterCard statement at least.  I somehow went from lauding $50 cases to purchasing one, I'm not sure how it happened, actually wait, I know exactly how it happened.  I blame 'Aeolian' from 'RedFlagDeals' for me buying this.  He covertly linked to their website and even showed us YouTube videos of this case.  I have to admit curiosity got the better of me.  This is what I found, I'll start with its super fast shipping!

     So I went to and went through the ordering process.  I was a bit dismayed at first about a $15 shipping charge, however the product came to me in 2 Days!  That's right, 2 days is what it took to get to me from click to front door.  It's being reported across the board that everyone is receiving their orders in that time frame, so its not an anomaly.  The FedEx tracking was unbelievably smooth and accurate and it actually felt as though I knew where my package was at all times. The whole shipping process couldn't have gone any smoother especially since it took me 3 weeks to receive another brand I had ordered from eBay!

     So, after opening the package, and examining the contents, I find that it does indeed come with a free screen protector for the iPad 2.  I won't be installing this as I have a Full Body Invisible Shield by Zagg on one iPad 2 and a generic screen protector on another to see how a $10 'dry install' works vs a $50 'wet install.'

Edit 1: The separate screen that SwitchEasy sells on their website for $14.99 is the same one that they give you for free with the Canvas. (or incorporated in the price depending on how you view it)
Edit 2: We were able to fit the iPad 2 with the Zagg Full Body Invisible Shield, we did cut a small portion off the Invisible Shield where the volume button is, in order for the iPad 2 to 'click in' and sit properly in the Canvas. About a 1cm portion. It is a tight fit but it works!

     Originally I thought the small package that came with it was a squeegee but its actually plugs for the microphone port and the power port.  This is a fantastic addition especially for those who take their iPad 2's to work or in dusty environments.  In my opinion it was a very well thought out idea and I am hoping that Apple incorporates this in future designs of their own.

     Placing the iPad 2 into the 'bucket' is very easy, the instructions, (yes I viewed them) suggest that you lean and place the left of the iPad 2 in first and then snap or depress the right side.  I find that if you raise the case and look at it at eye level you can tell if you have been successful at installation.  If you can see the aluminum trim it has to go down a bit further.  Overall, it was a very easy process that only took 10 seconds.  2 to snap it in and 8 seconds to make sure it was down.  Any more and I suggest you never buy anything with moving parts ever!

Another major distinction this case has, and it makes sense now why they call it a 'canvas' is its three stand positions.  At position 1 (the one furthest away) it actually works as the typing mode, and as a 'Smart Cover' owner, let me tell you that the SwitchEasy method is much more ergonomically correct (to me anyways) and feels more natural.  It also doesn't involve turning or flipping the iPad 2 and the best part is, that no part of your iPad 2 is touching the desk or ground.  It stays within the confines of the case at all times.  I really appreciated this aspect as the 'Smart Cover' was scratching my desk! (the magnetic hinge in viewing mode).

Some people say that the first picture is how the typing mode should be, and it might be but I prefer my method as illustrated in the second and third picture below!

 The picture above correlates to the picture below for typing mode. The other two are viewing modes but the website lists all three as viewing modes and the first picture in this series as the typing mode, both work and its up to you which method you will eventually use!

     My thoughts are that this case does exactly what every iPad 2 owner who wants a porfolio style wants it to do.  The designers of the 'Smart Cover' at Apple are probably looking over their shoulders to make sure Steve Jobs doesn't fire them and hire the people who made the SwitchEasy Canvas. (or they will just sue, lol)  I will admit that the iPad 2 does gain about 2-3x (feels like) its weight in this canvas, but for the added protection it brings, my opinion it is worth it.  I love you all very much and thank you for coming to my blog, but I'm not going to do a drop test!  My fear is that when working on the iPad 2 and accidently dropping it, will the iPad stay in?  It feels like it is sitting very securely but until (if) it happens, we won't know for sure. While closed, I have no doubt this is one of the best cases out there based on design and can absorb many shocks that may occur while traveling, transporting, and even in the care of small children or clumsy adults.  Maybe someone can report back to me if they were to drop it while they were using it and what occurs! It also works well with the auto sleep on/off function, I tested it very diligently and made sure that while open the iPad 2 won't go to sleep when you don't want it to, unlike reports of some other cases out there that have this feature.

 If you are looking for a portfolio (bookcase) style, that incorporates the sleep on/off feature, typing and viewing stands, superior protection, and a very sleek look and feel, I would be remiss in telling you not to get the SwitchEasy Canvas.  Although I am a great fan in saving money, this is something I can truly recommend spending $49.99 U.S plus $14.99 shipping for.  I am so impressed with this case, that I will even go as far as saying that all previous cases I have reviewed are null and void when compared to the SwitchEasy Canvas.

Now if I can only get my money back for them and save a lecture from my wife, maybe if I return them and put a sticky on it saying, "Wife says No".  But I'm going to guess that only works once...

Update as of April 18th, 2011:  I have been experiencing an issue on the second Canvas that I purchased, right from the start the Velcro at the back isn't working as it should. It is not even able to carry its own weight and comes apart when you don't want it to.  This is nothing short of a Quality Control issue and has been experienced by another user who received his SwitchEasy Canvas today.  I've emailed customer support and they have asked me for pictures of the problem.  Will report back once I have a resolution to the issue!

Update as of April 22nd, 2011: I have received an email from SwitchEasy support saying they have sent out a replacement Canvas.  Tomorrow is a holiday so I expect shipment to come on Monday.  Fantastic quick response.  Will post a final update once the replacement is in!
Update as of April 26th, 2011: I have received the replacement from SwitchEasy!  Fantastic customer support, although I have to report it has the same issue.  I will be making a YouTube video to highlight the error and why it shouldn't make a difference when using the case.  It may be time for a Do it Yourself Velcro fix.

YouTube Velcro Issue Explained

Switch Easy Canvas Unboxing Video 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Invisible Shield by Zagg for iPad 2 Install and Review!

So my Zagg Invisible Shield came in yesterday and a friend and I began the install process.  This process seems very daunting at first, but with a little luck and a positive attitude, I am confident that most anyone can make this happen!

     First it is very important to work in a dust free environment and ensure you have all the proper tools.  Begin by turning your iPad 2 off. (Holding down the power button)  I prefer for the install to clean the screen and back with rubbing alcohol.  Be sure to apply it to a microfiber cloth or paper towel and use a very limited amount, using the rubbing alcohol cleans the screen very well and if required use some dust remover (air can) to get any fine particles that may linger.  With this shield it doesn’t matter if you start the application process at the front or back, its your personal preference but I will recommend doing the back first to get some practice in, (if you buy the full body shield) as you can afford to ‘practice’ on the back so you can get the front perfect, but realistically it should all come out very well. 

     It goes without saying that your hands should be washed and clean.  From there you take the solution that comes in the box and spray some on your fingertips liberally.  Begin to peel and spray the shield once again very liberally; it’s basically to the point where you think it may be too much that you will be just fine.  Initially my intent was to under spray it but watching a few YouTube videos quickly convinced me otherwise.  It takes a bit to get the holes centered during this process but keep at it, it does work. Once you are satisfied with the position, use the provided squeegee and begin to systematically remove the excess solution from both the bottom and top of the screen to the best of your ability.  In the end you will be left with what seems to be a lot of solution and a lot of air bubbles, but between 24-48 hours, these will work themselves out and you should be left with perfection.  We saw a huge difference in the curing of the screen in about 6 hours.  But there is a long way to go. 

     At the start as you can see it the pictures and in the YouTube video, it seemed like we had made an error in the install, and that there were too many bubbles left over.  This ‘wet installation’ process as how it is known is intended to be this way and after 48 hours (what they suggest it will take) I will update the blog with how the final product looks.   At this point I believe it is too early to tell if it is worth the ~$60 dollar investment (with shipping to Canada).  I am also aware that over time there is a report that the edges tint to orange, I will also keep an eye out on that.  For comparison purposes I have also installed a $10 shield on another iPad 2 that uses the ‘dry application’ process.  In the sense you clean your iPad stick it on and work the bubbles out.  What you see is what you get. This way I can have a comparison between the two and see how a $10 shield goes up against a $50 shield. 

FYI: There are a lot of YouTube videos on this install I watched them all and found this one to be the best one that should answer all your questions during the install and give you the best chances at doing it right. I have no affiliation with Zagg (I bought the shield with my own money) and no affiliation with the YouTuber and Blogger in the Video below.

UPDATE:  Here's a couple pictures after 48 hours. I have to admit, it feels and looks amazing.  Those who don't know I have the Invisible Shield on, ask me why I haven't put one on yet.  Judge for yourself!

Update as of April 26th, 2011:  There are a lot of you searching to check if the Invisible Shield can be used with the Smart Cover and the SwitchEasy Canvas.  There is no issue in using the full body Invisible Shield with either, however with the Canvas, you may have to make a small cut near the volume button at the back in order to get it to sit right. (a 1cm cut)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Eye-Fi X2 SD WiFi 8GB Card... Instant Uploads!

Now who doesn’t want this!  Directly transfer your pictures from your camera straight on to your iPad 2.  There is some tinkering involved, but it does what it says, and the 8GB card is $79.99.  It’s in U.S dollars so it should be less when it comes to Canada.  (Okay bad joke, but a guy can dream can’t he?)  It also advertises support other iDevices and even Android.  Here’s their website and a YouTube video on how they do it.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Covers continued... Vaja and Hermes

Want your mind blown away?  How about a cover that costs more then your iPad 2?  (

     I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Hermes case for the iPad 1 and the Vaja iPad 1 case as well! As you can imagine, they feel and look amazing! The good news for Vaja owners is that minus a camera hole at the back; your Vaja will fit your iPad 2.  Unfortunately, your Hermes case will not.  I’ve tried a few different angles and even tried to stuff something in the gap.  It just won’t happen.  I guess its time for an upgrade!  I'll have the Hermes iPad 2 case pics up as soon as I get my hands on one, but if you can't wait and buy one yourself, let me know how it is.  Or you could always save that money and get something just as good to protect your iPad 2 for less than a mortgage payment!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Invisible Shield for iPad 2 by Zagg, 25% off Coupon!

I haven't done a review yet for the Invisible Shield by Zagg for the iPad 2.  But I have heard enough to know its the one everyone is talking about and wants!  I'm still waiting for mine to come in, and I didn't catch the 20% discount code that 'iPad in Canada' has up. ( ‘iphoneinca’ to save 20% off!)  but because I ordered their product they gave me two single use coupons for most any product on their website.  (good for up to 3 products in one order) 

I'm going to save one for a friend but the first person who wants to use it, can get 25% off! Like I said its for most anything on their site, but here's a direct link to the Screen protector!

And here's the code.  If you could please post in the comments if you have used it, that would be great.  And if you miss out on the 25% coupon, the 20% is available for everyone still!


Good luck!  

P.S If they happen to give you two codes as well after your order, if you like you can post them here or Email me and I will add them to the list, kind of a pay it forward.  I'm not sure if they give coupon users more coupons, but that would be awesome if they did!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Why the Motorola Xoom is Failing... and the iPad 2 is winning!

^ Charlie Sheen pun intended!

Why are people saying 'yes' to the iPad and 'no' to every other tablet device?  If you are like me, and scour the web for all information related to gadgets and technology and then disseminate the valuable content, sometimes at the cost of sounding like a fanboi, (Not that there is anything wrong with that, see my blog a few pages below!) then it should come as a shock to hear that only 100,000 Motorola Xoom’s were sold!  I hate to say it, but even if something is the greatest, if no one has it, unequivocally it has failed.  I’m not saying that Android tablets should be tossed out with the trash or even that they are the greatest, but how does a device that has the same specifications and most even better then the iPad 2, fair so poorly?

Take a look at the ad for the Xoom versus the ad for the iPad 2. 

Here's the ad for the Xoom

Here's the ad for the iPad 2

Likewise, I find it interesting that Coke, which holds the number 1 spot for soft drinks (in sales), depicts only their product in their ads. While the number 2, (now number 3) soft drink competitor, Pepsi, shows their product and Coke’s in almost all of their ads.  Has it not occurred to these advertising geniuses over at Pepsi that they are admitting that Coke is number 1 and their grand scheme is to hope one day that you get tired of the best product, and that you will give them a try?!?  Of course that’s not what their intent is, nor is having the most sales indicative of being the best product, but it can be said that people select the best product not with votes or taste tastes, but with the almighty dollar! However, if you want to know who the best is, it seems all you have to do is watch a few commercials on T.V and the trailing competitors will tell you!  Want to know who has the best car?  Watch American companies tell you it’s the Japanese automakers.  How many times do I hear Accord/Camry in a Big 3 ad? Then try to convince me it’s not the best based on the one thing they happen to do better.  Oh wait, that sounds familiar! 


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Smart Cover not so Smart After all ...

So you’ve had the iPad 2 for about 2 weeks now.  If you were one of the many who bought a Smart Cover has it hit you yet?  That as great and innovative as it is, it lacks in the second part of its namesake.  It really doesn’t cover the iPad 2 the way you want it to or the way it should.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the stand positions.  It is just that after I am done with my iPad 2 or need to move with it, storage and travel is a concern. 

     I want my shiny new toy to stay shiny, and I feel that the Smart Cover is inadequate in this regard.  For those who don’t know what the smart cover is, here’s a YouTube video showing its benefits and features and what I believe is its limitations. 

So, like any other person looking to protect their investment at a reasonable cost, I went to eBay! I clicked on many links and looked at many descriptions until I found the one I was most comfortable with. For the cheaper price and the fact it took exactly 3 weeks to deliver was a concern.  However, I don’t believe that paying ~$50 for a cover is reasonable either.  Online, I found some as low as 9.99 with shipping to come out to about ~$15 and the one I settled on was $22 with shipping included.  I am very satisfied with the build of my case and it is extremely comparable to the Belkin available at Best/Buy Future Shop.

I won’t advertise the vendor, but you can see from the pics the product is capable of the typing mode and stand mode and it is very sturdy.  It does everything exactly like the Smart Cover except put it to sleep when I close the case.  If you take a look at the aftermarket ones that claim to do this, you will realize that having the magnet on the back puts the iPad 2 to sleep when held in your hands and at a certain angle.  That would become extremely annoying.   Watch this video from the 2:13 mark, it explains the issue.

There is a rumor that a fix is in the works, but I'll wait for it to come out before I change my mind.  For now I'll stick to my $20 case for protection.  My Zaggmate hasn't arrived yet, but I'll let you all know how they work together!