Thursday, 7 April 2011

Why the Motorola Xoom is Failing... and the iPad 2 is winning!

^ Charlie Sheen pun intended!

Why are people saying 'yes' to the iPad and 'no' to every other tablet device?  If you are like me, and scour the web for all information related to gadgets and technology and then disseminate the valuable content, sometimes at the cost of sounding like a fanboi, (Not that there is anything wrong with that, see my blog a few pages below!) then it should come as a shock to hear that only 100,000 Motorola Xoom’s were sold!  I hate to say it, but even if something is the greatest, if no one has it, unequivocally it has failed.  I’m not saying that Android tablets should be tossed out with the trash or even that they are the greatest, but how does a device that has the same specifications and most even better then the iPad 2, fair so poorly?

Take a look at the ad for the Xoom versus the ad for the iPad 2. 

Here's the ad for the Xoom

Here's the ad for the iPad 2

Likewise, I find it interesting that Coke, which holds the number 1 spot for soft drinks (in sales), depicts only their product in their ads. While the number 2, (now number 3) soft drink competitor, Pepsi, shows their product and Coke’s in almost all of their ads.  Has it not occurred to these advertising geniuses over at Pepsi that they are admitting that Coke is number 1 and their grand scheme is to hope one day that you get tired of the best product, and that you will give them a try?!?  Of course that’s not what their intent is, nor is having the most sales indicative of being the best product, but it can be said that people select the best product not with votes or taste tastes, but with the almighty dollar! However, if you want to know who the best is, it seems all you have to do is watch a few commercials on T.V and the trailing competitors will tell you!  Want to know who has the best car?  Watch American companies tell you it’s the Japanese automakers.  How many times do I hear Accord/Camry in a Big 3 ad? Then try to convince me it’s not the best based on the one thing they happen to do better.  Oh wait, that sounds familiar! 


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