Friday, 21 October 2011

Overclocking your TouchPad (Plus Patches)

Before Overclocking, go to on your TouchPad to see your current Benchmark score and then test it again after following this guide. Depending on your Wi-Fi connection and where you have your TouchPad in relation to distance from your router when you run the Benchmark test will make a difference in your score.  However, the before using this guide and after you should see a significant result.  Post the result before and after in the comments!

For those of you who read my TouchPad review, found here, you will see the video I made highlighting the difference in browser speeds between the TouchPad and the iPad 2.  There simply is no comparison as the iPad 2 is faster in almost every regard.  However, at the time I made the video, I had not yet immersed myself in all things TouchPad and got to know the world of 'rooting' and patches afterwards.  Essentially it is like Jailbreaking, but only not, I could explain this, but in the end the goal remains just the same, to get the TouchPad up to speed.  So, a great resource to get started is installing TouchPlayer for the TouchPad, my guide is found here, by doing that, you will have everything required to install the patches to increase the speed of your TouchPad significantly, keep in mind, this is not overclocking, (that's the second part below) these patches are designed to increase the speed and improve the 'touch' and 'feel' of the TouchPad.  I would recommend going through all the links and sources before getting into it, not because it is difficult to do, but rather, so you have a understanding of what each one does and the risk involved as somethings (such as overclocking) will void your warranty, so as always, proceed at your own risk.  However, if you are willing to accept that risk, begin by installing TouchPlayer, using my guide linked above, once completed, we'll go into the next step.

Now that you have WebOS Quick Install open, ensure that you have a program called, 'Preware' installed, if you have done this successfully, go to the up arrow on your TouchPad and go to the downloads section and click on Preware then 'Availible Packages' then 'Patch' and then 'All.'   Now the recommended patches that the 'Patch' community recommends are as follows,

* Make It So (of course, you need this patch)
* Muffle System Logging
* Remove Dropped Packet Logging
* Unset CFQ IO Scheduler
* Unthrottle Download Manager
* Quiet powerd Messages
* Faster Card Animations HYPER Version
* Increase Touch Sensitivity And Smoothness 10 (this is the 10px version)

I only installed these ones and yes, after each one I did the requested Luna restart.  (It will prompt you after you have installed each one)  I've noticed a great increase in speed when loading the browser 'card' and the 'jitteryness' that comes when scrolling up and down has almost disappeared. So I am very happy with all these patches and recommend them.

Source here and here

Now to get into 'overclocking' everything is pretty much a few more touches away.  Go back into 'Preware' then 'Available Packages' and then 'Kernel' from there, click and install 'UberKernel (TouchPad)' and reboot.  Next download 'Govnah' by going into 'Preware' and clicking on the 'List of Everything' its just a few scrolls down.  After everything is installed, open 'Govnah' and select the 'OnDemandTcl 1512' profile.  Congratulations, you have now 'overclocked' your Touchpad to 1.5Ghz.

End Result from Just Overclocking

Source hereherehere, and of course here!

It really is that simple once you have WebOS Quick Install and Preware installed.

And yes, that was my pathetic attempt at merging two graphics together using paint for the featured image.  It's okay, have a good laugh at my expense.

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