Friday, 21 October 2011

Apple to Use Reservation System

I decided to take a stroll over to my nearest Apple store only to find everyone vacating the premises, short of a fire I knew that this could only mean, RESERVATION SYSTEM!

Basically you have to go log on to the Apple Website by 9pm (will confirm) reserve your color and size, the location you wish to pick up at and then stroll in the next day and pick up your phone.  Without the reservation you will not be able to get one for that day.

Here you go for the Canadian Reservation system.

As of right now, all Apple Stores are still sold out of iPhone 4s's.  If you want a locked one to your carrier, just visit your local store, they still may have a few of those.  (Just ask for Kryptonite, because for whatever reason, locked phones are being treated as such)

Updated October 17th 11:29pm: As quickly as the reservation system went up, it went down twice as fast.  Its being reported that a very small stock trickled in and it was gone in seconds.  Take that for what its worth, but for a Day 1 restock, it left much to be desired...

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